The Sore Penis and Outdoor Sex – Cautionary Measures for the Nature-Lover

If one can believe the surveys, outdoor sex is on the rise, as more men risk the chance of embarrassment and/or a potentially sore penis to enjoy the great outdoors in a special way. One survey, for instance, claims that as many as 35% of couples report that they have had outdoor sex. While the riskiest aspect of this activity is, naturally, the chance that one will be caught, there are a few general penis health issues that also need to be considered by those adventurous enough to try this.

A word of caution

There are two kinds of outdoor sex: that which occurs outdoors but in one’s own well-secluded backyard, and that which occurs where there is a greater risk of being caught, literally, with one’s pants down. In general, the former carries little actual risk: as long as neighbors are unable to see into a person’s outdoor space, folks are generally at liberty to go about their business as they wish.

With encounters taking place off of one’s own property, the risk is much higher – and carries the chance that one will be caught, arrested and fined for indecent exposure, public lewdness or other charges. Men should think very carefully before exposing themselves to this risk.

Things to watch out for

Avoiding a sore or damaged penis due to outdoor sex-related activity is essential. Here are a few tips that can help with this:

1) Avoid the sun. If engaging in sex on a very hot, sunny day, it’s best to find a location with shade or other solar protection. Although the penis is likely to be fairly covered during missionary-style intercourse, other forms of sexual activity can leave the penis exposed to the risk of sunburn.

2) Watch out for high grasses. While tall grass offers the benefit of concealment from prying eyes, it also increases the chance that a man’s penis will brush – perhaps repeatedly – up against the grasses. In many men, this could bring about an allergic reaction affecting the penis skin.

3) Know how to spot poison ivy. The last thing a man wants to do is to engage in vigorous sex only to discover that he is lying on a bed of poison ivy (or poison oak, or poison sumac, etc.) This can create a very painful and inconvenient situation.

4) Keep sprayed. If engaging in extracurricular outdoor activity in an area with insects, it’s wise to apply an appropriate insect repellent. Do NOT apply to the genitals, but do keep the rest of the body sprayed as appropriate.

5) Bring water and a towel. Many men like to let their penises bask in the glory of drying vaginal juices (and their own semen) after sex; when outdoors, it’s often best to wash and dry off rather promptly; a damp penis is likely to accumulate dirt, pollen, sand, and so forth, which may result in irritation.

6) Don’t forget the lubricant. Sometimes, when a couple engages in outdoor sex, there may be different levels of interest, concern, and excitement between the participants. On some occasions, a woman is very interested but may feel fearful of being observed when actually “in the moment,” and this may interfere with her natural lubricating process. The wise man will be prepared for this eventuality.

These tips can help a man enjoy an outdoor sex experience while minimizing the risk of a sore penis; but if soreness does result, using a quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) may provide relief. The appropriate cream should contain a reliable, high end emollient such as shea butter to moisturize and soothe the affected skin. Another important ingredient to look for is vitamin A; this has anti-bacterial properties, which can help eliminate stray bacteria encountered during the strenuous (if delightful) outdoor activity – and which can also help reduce penis odor.

Where Should We Have Sex For the First Time?

You will never forget the moment and place you had sex for the first time no matter how many years go by. To make your experience very memorable, you should choose the location where you feel pleasant and relaxed. You might have had sex with someone in the past, but the first time you have sex with a new partner will be remembered for a long time, too. You will vividly remember the place where the special occasion took place.

I often see the scenes on television or movies where a guy tries to have sex with a girl on the back seat of a car, which is not an ideal place for her to remember. A woman pays more attention to where and how she has sex, and she usually takes more time to fully experience sexual feelings. If she is worried about the location, she surely will not enjoy this experience. It is important to have a good foreplay and there is no way to do it right in the back of the car.

Guys, if you want to have sex where your partner cannot feel comfortable or relaxed, she would think you are not taking her seriously and she will not have any sex with you. If you are still teenagers or young adults, it may not be easy to find a nice place to have sex. You just need to remember that the location and its atmosphere are very important for girls and you should try your best to find a good setting.

When I was in college, my boyfriend wanted to have sex with me in his dorm room. I refused to do it because his roommate could come back anytime and if I made any noise, those guys next door could easily hear me.

I know that some girls don’t mind having sex outdoors and being watched by strangers, and they are a little strange to me. Most women like to have romantic moments in a very relaxed setting. It is a guy’s job to do some detail works such as playing nice music and setting up lighting.

Girls, it is possible that your partner couldn’t find an ideal location for sex because he is young and his budget is limited. In that case, you shouldn’t feel that you are not respected, and you may just have to accept it. If you are a little more mature and have lots of options, try to have sex in different locations. You might experience something new every time.

Outdoor Sex – How to Spice Up Your Life and Get Restorative Sleep Too!

If you’re having a hard time getting to sleep, try going outside and having some outdoor sex. You may want to make sure to shut off your yard lights first, unless your neighbors are really cool with it. But, seriously folks, sex is a great alternative remedy for other sleep aids. And, what a great alternative it is. Think about it. It’s natural, especially outdoor sex, it’s convenient and of course, it’s a heck of a lot more fun than swallowing pills or making sleepy time tea. Outdoor sex is particularly good because it’s hot! Well, hot in terms of a descriptor not the actual temperature, unless you live in Tahiti.

You must be wondering at this point how having outdoor sex could be good for sleep. Here it is in a nutshell. When you have sex you rev up the brain and your body reaches a crescendo releasing the energy in the form of orgasm, or just exertion. This release allows the brain to shut down and relax your entire body allowing sleep to come quickly and be sustained until morning. Other types of stimuli right before bed can have the negative effect. For instance, if you exercise before hitting the sack your brain releases endorphins which continue to swirl around your brain keep it alert and your body awake. There is no release so you can’t fall asleep. Outdoor sex could help attain sleep quickly.

Ok, so it’s really the sex part that is beneficial to sleep, so why outdoor sex? Obviously, it doesn’t have to be outdoor sex because you can do it in doors as well. Outdoor sex is just one of exciting options to spice things up a bit. It’s naughty, exciting and different. Outdoor sex could do wonders for your sex life as well as, help you get a good night’s rest. That’s a great dual benefit and a lot of fun.

Not getting enough sleep can really do some damage physically and mentally, having a little outdoor sex could be the difference between a happy healthy lifestyle and illness. Why take the chance? This is especially easy to fix, when a remedy like outdoor sex is as much fun as it is beneficial. Don’t risk the adverse effects of sleeplessness, do what you can to make sure you get good restorative sleep, and that includes spicing up your sex life a bit with outdoor sex, then certainly go for it.

Wide Open Spaces: Sex In the Outdoors

Not all people are conventional believers when it comes to getting their groove on. Mixing it up is the spice of life, and some people like to get that spice out of the house, In the lovely great outdoors. If you are now thinking of the movie, Great Outdoors, start thinking of your sexual preference naked and wanting on a blanket in a meadow. Now that’s where your mind should be! Sex outside can be an all new experience for you, with compelling new sensations enticing your inhibitions and heightening your pleasure. So where are some of the places you can really experiment with sex outdoors?

When knocking boots outside, you need to remember the old realtor’s motto: Location, location, location. Railing you sweetie within visual or cochlear radius of a playground or school is highly unadvised, but if you feel like throwing a blanket down on a secluded Moore, hill, mountain, or dune there are a few things you should think about first. Location! Highly populated or family oriented areas are a definite no-no, as they generally lead to public embarrassment, criminal charges and family shame.

Mounds of pine straw are not as innocent as you would think, they contain a plethora of blood sucking nibblers that you don’t want around your business, and soft sands are not as lovely when they find their way into your lady’s carnal canal or under your foreskin. Water, especially warm water, may seem like a romantic notion, until you both contract a yeast infection from thrusting water into places water isn’t meant to go. Do it ON the hot tub, or beside it and then hop in, also, don’t screw in a geyser in Yellowstone, deer and bear and various other wild life drink from and piss in this water!

Go for a meadow, secluded dune or isle, uninhabited mountain top or the hood of your car in the middle of nowhere to mix up your nooky routine. Wherever it is, please bring a blanket to avoid sand, bugs or other undesirable things creeping up your business. Make sure you won’t traumatize small children, get arrested, or banned from any place you frequent on a regular basis, and don’t forget your lube! This is about heightening your sexual experience and should be done with some respect to the environment and those in the vicinity. Enjoy yourself, be safe, and please do not get arrested.

Having Sex Outdoors – How to Orgasm Anywhere

Most people imagine that few people have sex outside their bed. In fact the truth is very different. 57% of Americans have had sex outdoors according to a recent poll conducted by TNS. On top of that women voted for sex in a natural environment as one of their favorite fantasies. For the sexually adventurous there are infinite possibilities!

Obviously for this kind of sex act there are some things to be careful of: don’t have sex in any place where children might be watching and make sure that you don’t get yourself arrested for indecent exposure. The last thing that you need is trying to explain that one to whoever comes to get you out!

Having Sex Outside: A Guide to the Basics

For some couples the idea of having sex outside may be a lot better than the reality. This especially applies to sex-on-the-beach fantasies as you’d be amazed how many crevices sand can find to get into! For these couples their are some safe and easy ways to have sex outdoors. Tents and large blankets are two simple ways to get intimate without having to worry about being exposed. Similarly you can re-enact your teenage days by having sex in a car. Not only does this give you safety and security, but it also allows you to work in some role-playing. Interestingly this was the most common kind of sex outdoors for Americans.

Once you have got comfortable with these basics, many couples then add a controlled voyeurism to it. The key is that although it is voyeuristic, it still has elements that can be controlled, so it gives the pleasure while keeping the risk low. One of the most common ones is sex in front of a window. This can be used to give the illusion of having sex outside without any of the risks. Make sure that you don’t support too much weight on the window as this can be potentially dangerous. There was recently a woman who was seriously injured when the window gave way during sex!

Finally you may want to experiment with sex in nature. One of the easiest ways to do this is to get as far off the beaten track as possible. It is also advisable to make sure that she is dressed appropriately (A skirt or a swimsuit is my recommendation) as you may need to look inconspicuous at a moment’s notice.

Having sex outdoors offers a lot of ways to unleash the primal, sexual side of both of you. On top of that you have the advantage of being in a natural environment with all the relaxation and calming benefits that it brings. Once you understand that any place is a potentially sexual area, foreplay can start way before you get anywhere near the bedroom…

Harlan Mulroy’s website has the most recent information on having an awesome sex life and ‘how to orgasm a girl.’

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Improving Sex For Couples – Learn to Be Creative

Everywhere you look online today there are hundreds of people asking for ways at improving sex for couples. My guess is that some people just don’t know where to start when it comes to looking for ways to spice up their sex lives. One of easiest ways to kick start your sex life is to use your imagination and get creative.

Sit back and think about what turns you on, talk to your partner to learn more about what really turns them on and then put on that thinking cap. Improving sex for couples is actually one the easier things you can do in your relationship yet sadly it seems to be one of the most neglected aspects for couples. It is no wonder that so many complain about mundane sex.

If you are someone who struggles with creativity but would love new ways for improving sex for couples then consider the following:

Change Up Foreplay: Use ice or something cold to touch your partners body, then slowly go over that area with your warm tongue. Explore the whole body and then have your partner do the same thing to you. Try adding blindfold into the mix so your partner never knows where the cool shock will come from. This is an excellent method of foreplay and great at improving sex for couples. You will be pleasantly surprised how much more aware you become of each others bodies and how much closer you become.
Sex Toys: Toys are wonderful for improving sex for couples. Research and learn about them together, make your purchases and spend time discovering a whole other side of sex that will drive the two of you wild.
Adult Films: Watching an adult movie together is a great way to help you get in the mood. Be open to what interests both partners and consider watching a feature adult movie if it is your first time doing this. Keep the remote handy to speed by anything you may not like and consider acting out some scenes together.
Try New Positions: This is the easiest way at improving sex for couples. There are hundreds of different positions to try and you will be amazed at how something as simple as trying different positions can really spice up a lovemaking session
The key to improving sex for couples and having a better sex life is to learn and try as many new things as possible. Nobody wishes for a routine sex life that offers the same thing time and time again. Hopefully this helps those who are looking for some new ideas to spice things up.

4 Foreplay Tips For Adults For a Great Sex Life

If your sexual relationship with your spouse needs some spicing up then these foreplay tips for adults will certainly put you on the right path to rejuvenating your relationship. Foreplay is like a sexual fertilizer. Without it sex can be pretty boring especially if all you do is go for the home run right away. Many relationships can be affected to such an extent when one partner wants foreplay and the other simply wants to get it on.

Experiencing different levels of pleasure between the sheets should be your aim and while many situations will prevent foreplay from being performed, when you get the chance, revel in it and watch your partner love you for it.

Here are four tips to enhance your bedroom experience you can try right away with your partner.

#1. Sex toys may be a taboo subject for many but seriously, if you’ve never tried them then how do you know the type of pleasure they can give you. Here are a couple of advantages with using sex toys:

– they will teach you plenty about your body
– they will teach you plenty about your partner’s body and
– you will learn what areas turn you on the most

Guys, why not get your spouse to demonstrate her vibrator tonight as a form of foreplay. Watch her intently and look at the times she appears to be deriving the most pleasure. Then the next time you engage between the sheets, you be the vibrator and give her the same pleasurable experience. This works a treat.

#2. Using sexual massage as both a relaxant and stimulant can take you to levels you have never been before. It’s a foreplay tip for adults that always rates highly among couples. Starting out, you will simply perform a normal massage but after several minutes, and while your partner is relaxed, you can move onto more “advanced” methods. Hitting those erogenous spots and watching the pleasure your partner is getting acts as your own personal stimuli as well.

#3. Not many adults consider phone sex as a means of foreplay. But were here to tell you it is and in a big way. The advantage with using the phone is you can be someone totally different without feeling embarrassed. Role playing on the phone can get your excitement levels to the point where all you want to do is engage immediately in the bedroom.

Many couples use phone sex as a way to get their stimulus going and will in fact take different areas of their homes and speak to each other on their cell phones. This can take as long as you want and the beauty of this form of foreplay communication is the level of “dirty talk” you can engage in without being embarrassed.

#4. Reading adult magazines is a powerful way to get the sexual juices flowing. It’s one of the oldest foreplay tips for adults you’ll find anywhere. We’re not just talking about looking at pictures but reading the stories. Even 5-10 minutes of reading adult literature can get your mind thinking nothing but sex and when you are both in bed reading before going to sleep, this form of foreplay can result in some of the best interaction you’ll experience.

More Sex, Better Sex – For Adults Only

Honestly, I don’t know enough about sex to comment on this topic. My last sexual partner is my current partner, and she has made it clear that for her, privacy is an aphrodisiac. All the better for you, since I have been forced to consult the sexiest person I know on your behalf. I talked to my German friend Sia Moore-Auphen. She’s been around the world so many times she has a passport collection: every page has at least three stamps on it and all the ink is bright red.

I asked Sia the secret to having More Sex. “Should people take out a clever personal ad?” I asked, “Do they need to sign-up for one of those on-line adult dating services? Or should I advise my readers to join the Young Republicrats and learn the art of making small talk?”

“No, No, NO! Rodney,” said Sia. “You make everything so complicated! There are only three secrets to having More Sex: one, you must date your own species; two, you must invite people into your bed, and; three, if they ask you, you have to say yes.”

I told her I didn’t think my readers would have a problem with the saying yes part, and that I believed most of them made it a rule to only date other human beings. “Just because someone is human, doesn’t mean I will go to bed with them,” said Sia. “If you are a troll, you need to date trolls. Homemakers should NOT date home wreckers. Elves should date elves not fairies. Polyamories should ONLY date other polies and so on.” I agreed that parrot lovers would have a lot to talk about and agreed to pass on her advice. “Great,” she said, “your chances of getting lucky, and for lasting sexual happiness, are greatly increased when you date your own sexual species.”

But how about getting them into bed? “Ask,” she said. “Nicely,” she added. That can’t be all there is to it? “It helps if you’ve talked honestly and openly about what you like and listened attentively when your potential partner said what THEY liked.” I tilted my head doubtfully. “Of course,” said Sia, “it also helps if you are a good kisser, a generous tipper and aren’t afraid to dance, but honesty and desire are paramount.” So, to review: date your own sexual species, ask, nicely, and say yes. “Right,” she said. “Oh, and use a condom and make sure they’ve had their shots, and if you ever get a chance to…” she went into a long, detailed, explicit, steamy, oh-my explanation of… well, anyway, it was beyond the purview of this article.

When I asked Sia about the question of quality, she said, “Quality is about being in the moment when you are together and being with the person you love when you are apart.” What? “Of course,” she explained, “you need to be there in the moments to know if what you are doing is working, to know how YOU feel about it, and to sense how THEY feel about it. Otherwise, you are just phoning it in.” Since Sia was Germany’s number one phone sex operator three years running, I took her at her word. “And when you are apart,” she said, giving me a smoldering look, “you need to think about what the other person might like. Try to get inside their skin. Consider what they’ve told you, and what they have carefully avoided telling you. Then,” said “then you will come to bed with an appetite for your lover, a hunger you will both long to satisfy!”

I thanked my friend and since the air conditioning unit had completely stopped working in the little restaurant where we met, I gathered my notes to go. “Just tell them to lighten up! Confidence is attractive to men and women. See,” she said, glancing at the notes I held carefully in my lap, “my sense of confidence is working on you.”

Numerology and Sex – For Adults Only!

Sex is important! Through the act we perpetuate the species, our own genetic material, and of course, we have fun. Sex is one of the fundamental drives of the human mind; ask any advertiser or film maker whether or not sex sells. Sex is what I like to call a Sensual Energy eXchange. There are different uses for this energy just as there are different inclinations and preferences regarding this energy. Using the Destiny Number, also called the Life Path, we can learn how to best channel this energy to fulfill our sexual needs. The Destiny Number is your birth date reduced to a single digit. For example, if you were on January 1, 1980 you would proceed: 1+1+1+9+8+0 = 20 and 2 + 0 = 2.

NOTE: Sexual expression is often considered taboo and even those who are ’emancipated’ may have a number of repressions. In order to better illustrate the point we will focus upon the extremes. Do not be surprised if you find yourself experiencing a reaction of one form or another and keep an open mind, use these suggestions to embody your vibration sexually.

1 Destiny: You can be single minded in your pursuit of your lover. Taken to the extreme you can look at love as a contest and your partners as conquests. At times you focus too much upon your own satisfaction and be a little too dominant although, your partners find you exciting and willing to experiment. Sexual activities: You can channel your 1 energy be being on top. Make sure you experience the other end of the 1 spectrum by allowing your partner to ride. Ladies, try red lingerie for an exciting night.

2 Destiny: You are a caring lover who aims to please in any way that you can. You enjoy kissing, hugging, and cuddling. In fact, such things are necessary as you need to feel protected and nurtured. At the extreme end you may try to plan things out in advance and schedule love making. You can be a bit submissive and follow your partner’s energy very well. Sexual activities: Show your partner your willingness to please by displaying your body through dance and self-pleasure for their eyes only. On the other side, playfully refuse your lovers advances from time to time and learn to enjoy the power that comes with teasing. Ladies should consider shades of orange in lingerie and makeup.

3 Destiny: You are an exciting and playful lover with a lot of confidence. This gives you the ability to make your partner feel comfortable with your playful, light hearted attitude towards sex. You like different positions and are likely to have a copy of Kama Sutra on your shelf. You can be so uninhibited that you may make your lover blush! Sexual activities: Activities that allow for the sensual exploration of other parts of the body are ideal such as breast sex and foot or toe sex. Ladies can spice things up with shades of yellow.

4 Destiny: Fours can struggle with emotions, especially understanding the passions of their partner. You are slow and steady and may delay lovemaking to build up the steam. Relationships are very important and you are extremely loyal and faithful. Your sex life can become stagnant if you take an intellectual approach and rely only upon the tried and true methods of becoming turned on. Sexual activities: Turn off the lights and crawl under the covers with your lover. Slow, gentle, and long. On the flip side of the coin, go wild every once in a while. Try making love outdoors. Ladies, green is the color to pull out your sensual side to the max.

5 Destiny: The adventurous one! You enjoy variety and excitement. Spontaneity is a turn on as are new places, new positions and new people! You are attractive to the opposite sex and need mental as well as physical stimulation. You like the ups and downs of passion and stimulation. Sexual activities: You may want to eat from a larger menu that includes oral and anal fun, role playing, and other ‘non-standard’ activities like spanking. Ladies should wear blue underclothes and makeup.

6 Destiny: Sixes are quite devoted and need to maintain the balance and harmony in a relationship. When you find that special someone giving in to carnal desires is a joy. Music, candles, and lighting all help to create that air of romance. Long, very long sessions of foreplay including lots of kissing is to your liking. Sexual activities: Being kissed and licked all over your body as well as massages and digital exploration will suit you just fine. Ladies should wear indigo, dark blue, and black.

7 Destiny: Dreamy and romantic, you secretly desire a spiritual connection with your lover. You can be a little spacey and detached and your analytical nature can produce an almost clinical approach to sex. However, you can potentially reach levels of intimacy with your lover that are beyond conscious comprehension. Sexual activities: Explore such things as Tantra and techniques allowing for a more meditative sexual experience. Shed that ‘clinical’ disposition and use some dirty words! Ladies, violets and purples will bring out your inner beast.

8 Destiny: Ok, you’re a freak. Or frigid. Up or down you’re either almost totally active or passive. You can be a little too wrapped up in the politics of sexual power and wouldn’t mind having total control of your partner. Seduce or be seduced. This attitude can alienate others however, when you make a commitment you do so completely. Sexual activities: Games that allow you to safely explore power relationships such as Bondage and Discipline or Role Playing. Learn to enjoy gushy, overly romantic displays. Ladies, the color pink will help you balance out your sexual urges.

9 Destiny: You can be so empathetic that you become a doormat. But, you enjoy helping your lover and often put your own needs on the backburner. But when they finally build up, watch out! Your passion can be volcanic and you lover can unexpectedly find that your quiet nature has become quite demanding. And exciting. Sexual activities: Anything that allows for mutual selfless pleasure such as sixty-nine or mutual masturbation. Ladies should try brown, bronze and chocolate colors in makeup and lingerie.

Three Reasons Why Orthopedic Rehab Is Helpful

If you have ever had a surgery or serious injury, you know that it can be physically exhausting to recover properly. Most surgeries or major traumas require specific exercises and protocols. Orthopedic rehab is designed to deal specifically with injuries involving the musculoskeletal system. Issues in this field often include sports accidents, such as torn tendons and broken bones, tumors, and even infections. Following a recovery protocol specific to your injury and operation can help you to recover faster and more fully. Here are three reasons why.

Regain Function

After a serious injury or medical condition, our bodies often attempt to compensate for the trauma. For example, when a person limps, it is an attempt to take pressure off of a damaged body part. As a result of this natural compensation, the muscles and tendons surrounding the injured area can often weaken or atrophy from lack of use. This is further exacerbated following an operation. Orthopedic rehab helps the patient focus on strengthening the repaired body part and the area surrounding it. Without a directed recovery, most patients will continue to favor the injury, resulting in a lifelong limp, hitch, crook, or other physical abnormality.

Prevent Injury

As discussed above, the human body will tend to protect a damaged area by shifting the workload to other limbs, tendons, or muscles. Even after the area has been surgically repaired, the human body will continue trying to shield it. If the body does not re-learn that the damaged body part is okay, the overuse of other areas could result in further accidents. This example is often seen in athletes with an injured leg or foot; in an attempt to protect the weakened area, the athlete puts more force into their cuts, pivots, or jumps with their good leg. This can result in damage to the strong leg or foot if too much strain is placed on it. Conversely, if the surgically repaired area is never re-strengthened, it is more apt to suffer the same failure as before through normal use. Orthopedic rehab can help patients regain the strength lost through trauma and an operation.

Avoid Surgery

In some cases, orthopedic rehab can help patients suffering from physical trauma avoid an operation altogether. This can be achieved through directed exercises or by altering how a person performs physical tasks. In the case of a weak back, a therapist might work with the patient on how to sit, stand, sleep, and bend over. The proper use of the back, coupled with specific exercises designed to strengthen the weakened area, can reduce the amount of pain a patient is feeling. In many cases, this approach can entirely solve any issues a patient is having, rendering surgery unnecessary.

In conclusion, orthopedic rehab can be helpful in resolving a number of physical ailments. Patients should wholeheartedly work with their physical therapists for a better recovery experience.