Where Should We Have Sex For the First Time?

You will never forget the moment and place you had sex for the first time no matter how many years go by. To make your experience very memorable, you should choose the location where you feel pleasant and relaxed. You might have had sex with someone in the past, but the first time you have sex with a new partner will be remembered for a long time, too. You will vividly remember the place where the special occasion took place.

I often see the scenes on television or movies where a guy tries to have sex with a girl on the back seat of a car, which is not an ideal place for her to remember. A woman pays more attention to where and how she has sex, and she usually takes more time to fully experience sexual feelings. If she is worried about the location, she surely will not enjoy this experience. It is important to have a good foreplay and there is no way to do it right in the back of the car.

Guys, if you want to have sex where your partner cannot feel comfortable or relaxed, she would think you are not taking her seriously and she will not have any sex with you. If you are still teenagers or young adults, it may not be easy to find a nice place to have sex. You just need to remember that the location and its atmosphere are very important for girls and you should try your best to find a good setting.

When I was in college, my boyfriend wanted to have sex with me in his dorm room. I refused to do it because his roommate could come back anytime and if I made any noise, those guys next door could easily hear me.

I know that some girls don’t mind having sex outdoors and being watched by strangers, and they are a little strange to me. Most women like to have romantic moments in a very relaxed setting. It is a guy’s job to do some detail works such as playing nice music and setting up lighting.

Girls, it is possible that your partner couldn’t find an ideal location for sex because he is young and his budget is limited. In that case, you shouldn’t feel that you are not respected, and you may just have to accept it. If you are a little more mature and have lots of options, try to have sex in different locations. You might experience something new every time.